Derby & Inspection Covers

A derby cover is found on the side of the bike and typically covers the clutch. It’s a great slate with open space for customization. Most derby cover models come in three-hole or five-hole models, depending upon the specifications of the motorcycle it is being connected to and the level of protection that is needed.  A derby cover is a popular addition that is used to add a personal touch to any bike while offering an extra bit of protection that will keep you and your bike safe. 

A derby cover can be easily installed to customize the look of any motorcycle and to offer protection for your favorite bike. At Get Lowered Cycles, we sell affordable aftermarket parts to bikers around the country looking for the best safety gear and aesthetic pieces to make their bike more personal and comfortable.

If you’re looking to add a derby cover or other aftermarket safety accessory to your bike, look no further than the derby cover selection at Get Lowered Cycles. We make aftermarket parts, such as a derby cover, accessible to bikers at an affordable rate and offer fast, free shipping on all orders, so you can begin customizing your bike quickly and with ease. 

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