Roland Sands Clarity Cam Cover for 2017-2019 Harley M8 - Contrast Cut

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See through the cam cover and into the bike's beating heart. Contrast Cut finish.

Fits: 2017-2019 M-Eight Models

  • Allows for viewing of the internal moving engine components
  • CNC-machined from billet aluminum
  • Hardware included
  • Available with chrome, Contrast Cut™ and Black Ops™ finishes
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The RSD Clarity Cam Covers contain two pre-installed Lexan®​ polycarbonate windows. These windows are very resistant to almost everything a motorcycle will be exposed to. However, extra care and preparation must be taken when installing the cam cover near the exhaust system. The Lexan®​ polycarbonate windows must be at least 5/16​" away from the exhaust pipe to ensure the temperature does not exceed the capabilities of the Lexan®​. Additional clearance is recommended to preserve the optical clarity of the Lexan®​ window as well as reducing the amount of heat introduced to the engine from the exhaust. Take measurements when installing the exhaust system and make sure that the exhaust NEVER contacts the Lexan®​ windows, bolts or the aluminum cam cover. Lexan®​ is very durable but it must be treated just like any plastic and cannot come into contact with the exhaust pipes. The Lexan®​ windows, just like any plastic, will melt if in direct contact with the exhaust pipe. If the Lexan®​ windows have less than adequate clearance premature discoloration, cracking or melting may occur, causing severe failure and/or possible injury to the rider. RSD recommends the use of "high pipes" or exhaust that runs above the cam cover, which eliminates any potential exhaust contact.


1. There must be at least 5/16" between the exhaust and the Lexan®​ windows, bolts and cover.

2. Absolutely no contact between the Lexan®​ windows, bolts or aluminum cam cover.

3. Do not use brake cleaner, acetone or any harsh chemicals during installation.

4. Use Plexus cleaner for cleaning. If any other cleaners are used, read the label to verify compatibility with Lexan®​.

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