Pathfinder LED Harley Headlight

Pathfinder LED Harley Headlight

Many Harley riders want to upgrade their stock headlight, but can't justify the cost. It seems like the options are either a cheapo or something high-end. That's where the Pathfinder Headlight comes in - we just installed it on our Softail and found it to be a quality LED Headlight at well under $200. It's not dirt cheap, but the value you get for this simple plug and play Headlight that just about anyone can install on their own is well worth a look, especially if you ride at night often. The more you can see and the more you can be seen, the better.

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The model we chose to install is the 5 3/4 LED Headlight with Full Halo. It provides riders a 1400LM low beam and an 1800lm high beam that'll really enhance your view over stock, plus it draws around just 1/3 the power of your stock lights for a more efficient lighting solution. We'll give you a quick overview of the installation process as well as a comparison of the stock headlight vs. the freshly installed Pathfinder LED Headlight.

2nd Oct 2017 Mike

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