New Bell Bullitt Helmets

New Bell Bullitt Helmets

Bell is rolling out a quartet of new Bell Bullitt Helmets for their 2019 series with the lightweight, top-shelf Carbon Hustle Bullitt Helmet, the impressively detailed Special Edition Ryder Gloss Red, the Bell Bullitt Burnout Helmet and the vintage style Command Bullitt now on the market.

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While the shell and construction of the Bell Bullitt remains, the 4-part refresh that's offered in the base model graphics of the Command and the Burnout along with the mid-range Ryder Gloss Red and the premium Carbon Hustle finish gives riders plenty to choose from if they're looking for a modern, custom look paired with the timeless Bullitt lines.

Check em out, and let us know if you have any questions on the Bell Bullitt!

3rd Oct 2018 Rob

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