GetBenTmoto - Highlighting Riders & Their Motorcycles

GetBenTmoto - Highlighting Riders & Their Motorcycles

Besides actually owning your Harley, the next best part is finding people in your community or across the country who love riding and working on their bikes as much as you do. You see them take an old or brand new bike and with a little time, effort and creativity build a beautiful machine you need to take a minute to admire. Collectively, we all fuel each others desire to build the "best" machine and put our own personal style into it.

The world of custom & performance Harley's will always be as diverse as the riders that build them. As technology improves and riders continue to push the line of what's possible, we continue to celebrate the world of custom. 

For this reason, we are excited to share with you a fellow rider & motorcycle enthusiast Ben from GetBenTmoto. Ben and Emma have set out to share the stories of fellow builders and riders across the industry. Riders share their story of learning how to ride, what made them fall in love with bikes and the stories behind the build. Be sure to check them out on their website or on Youtube. Enjoy watching all the people they get to meet, the stories they have to share and amazing bikes they've built.

If you have an awesome bike, that you want to show off to the world, feel free to reach out to Ben. If you 're lucky enough you could have the opportunity to be the highlight in one of his YouTube videos!

11th Nov 2022

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