CycleRama CR480mt Cam Install 2021 Softail Heritage

CycleRama CR480mt Cam Install 2021 Softail Heritage

The CycleRama CR480mt has been getting a lot of attention lately and we had the opportunity to test it out in a customers 2021 Softail Heritage. Check out the before/after numbers and Dyno chart below. This particular setup was with the stock air cleaner and S&S SuperStreet 2-1 exhaust. 

Cycle-Rama CR480 Cam for 2017-2023 Harley M8

S&S Superstreet 2-1 Exhaust for 2018-2022 Harley Softail M8

CycleRama CR480mt Cam Harley Softail M8 Dyno chart

Final Numbers on this cam: 111 HP / 132 TQ SAE. This cam delivers some serious bottom end torque, maxing out in the 5000 rpm range. Overall really strong numbers considering the bike is still running the stock air cleaner.

Feel free to hit us up with any questions about this or other cam options. If you're in the area and looking to do some upgrades, give us a shout cs@getlowered or by phone 215-394-8409. 

18th Oct 2023

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