Roland Sands Design Women's Knox CE1 Armor Kit


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The Knox CE 1 Women's Armor Kit fits all women's Roland Sands Design Jackets and comes with shoulder, elbow and back armor for a full complement of premium impact protection. Knox's Micro-Lock Armor has been designed to be super soft, highly protective and MOST importantly, STABLE across all climates and environments. This temperature stable armor holds its shape and protective properties whether you're riding across the barren desert of Death Valley or in the frozen wilds of Alaska.
Knox has have tested all types of super soft armor and they are all sensitive to temperature changes and have also found that this effects the performance and lifespan of the protectors. Using SMART technology and properties which keep the armor super soft to touch, but it locks when impacted, Micro-Lock Armor increases the amount of impact absorbed by the protector, reducing the energy passed through to your precious limbs.
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